What Is Clover Honey?

Among the many types of honey, one that is most widely available is Clover Honey.

Despite its status as “nature’s gold,” not all types of honey are equal. Raw honey differs in taste, color, and composition. These depend on the nectars from which honey is made.

In the case of clover honey, it is from the nectars of the clover plant.

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The Clover Plant

Clover is a perennial plant with around 300 species and belongs to the legume family, which originated in Europe. It thrives globally under appropriate conditions but is more prominent in South America and in mountainous, tropical regions.

Clover contributes more to the beekeeping industry all over the United States. The plant itself has benefited most people as it is weather-hardy, and some people use it as fodder to feed livestock. Also, the roots of the clover plants protect the soil from water erosion.

Several beekeepers and honey producers alike cultivate clover fields as the plant is easy to maintain. In addition, it is very adaptive in temperate areas. Hence, clover honey production in the United States is ongoing throughout the year.

Honeybees are fond of clover nectar and pollinate clover much more efficiently. These honeybees feed on abundant and easily accessible sources, so beekeepers end up harvesting and selling a ton of this honey. Not to mention honeycomb, which is full of chewy deliciousness.

Such high incentives and returns are two reasons why clover honey is more popular and available than other honey varieties.

Clover plant

It is one type of honey that comes in variations.

Bees produce white clover honey from the nectars of white clover. Its colors vary from water-white to light amber, more like corn syrup.

Other types of clover honey include pink or red clover honey, which has a dark amber color, and even crimson clover honey from the clover nectar of Red Clover plants.

However, when you compare two jars of this honey, you may notice some variations in taste and color. This is because the nectar source affects the physical appearance of honey. Some products, although of the same quantity, may be light-colored, like corn syrup. On the other hand, some are darker in color, almost like molasses.

The nectar sources likewise affect the difference in tastes of honey varieties. But, it does not affect the fact that these honey ooze of nothing but sweetness, all thanks to our industrious bees.

The Clover Honey

Clover Honey is one honey type that is more available to everyone globally.

Originating in Canada and New Zealand, this honey is now harvested in many parts of the world, making it one of the most widely available honey.

This type of honey may be something we probably have in our kitchen. A popular choice of honey enthusiasts, it has a mild, sweet, floral flavor that makes it a versatile ingredient. Ideal for use in a wide variety, the pleasant sweetness of this honey will not let you down.

A lot of people prefer using this to sweeten tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, and desserts. During breakfast, it can serve as an energy booster by drizzling it over granola, oats, and cereals or as spreads on toast or biscuits. It is delicious when stirred in yogurts, squeezed over ice cream, paired with goat cheese, or used as dressing on salads.

Since its flavor is mild and not overpowering, it is one of the best choices for cooking and baking, as a sugar substitute, or just as a flavor enhancer.

Clover Honey

Raw Clover Honey Health Benefits

This honey provides several health benefits.

Research studies have shown that raw clover honey is a way better choice than table sugar in terms of lowering cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

However, health professionals have cautioned on more than moderate consumption. Studies likewise show that the calories in this type of honey are way higher as it has carbohydrates in the form of natural sugar.

This honey variety helps stabilize blood pressure. Whether this is backed by medical research studies is yet to be known.

Hence, raw honey, clover, or other varieties should not be taken in place of prescribed medications.

There is no fat or protein content in organic clover honey, but there are traces of zinc, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Other benefits of his honey include anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants too.

Clover raw honey is one of the most beneficial honeys in repairing damaged skin cells caused by burns, cuts, and wounds. Even in our history, most people have been using this kind of honey as a wound dressing. They claimed it absorbs water, keeps the wound dry, and heals more quickly.

The fact that these honey products are full of anti-viral properties works to fight off viruses that may cause one to suffer from viral infections.

Raw honey from clover abounds with phenolic acids and flavonoids. These compounds act as antioxidants. In turn, these antioxidants act to keep the body strong in fighting free radicals.

Comparison with Other Types of Honey

Curious as to how clover honey differs from other types of honey?

We looked at some of the honey types and listed down these differences.

clover honey vs other honey

Versus Wild Flower Honey

Generally, clover honey is one that is lighter in color and milder in taste than wildflower honey. The latter, though, has floral undertones, something not present in the former.

Versus Buckwheat Honey

A bottle of Buckwheat Honey is darker, more molasses-looking, and has a strong, robust flavor. Clover tastes milder and way lighter.

Versus Orange Blossom Honey

More commonly produced in Florida and California, where orange trees thrive, orange blossom honey has citrus undertones. This is one thing lacking in clover honey.

Versus Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is produced by bees from the Manuka trees in New Zealand. The difference lies in the nectar sources used to produce honey. Because of this difference, Research shows that Manuka honey has a more powerful anti-bacterial property due to the presence of methylglyoxal ingredients.

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Indulge and Taste for Yourself

Raw honey from clover is way too good!

Whether you are newly addicted to the goodness of some honey or have been a honey aficionado of other honey varieties for years, this is definitely one thing worthy of indulging yourself in.

Taste it and feel the healthy goodness of these products with their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties.

What are you waiting for? Savor the wonders of this famous honey.

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