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The bees are back! Well, maybe not yet, but we can hope, can’t we? For years now, the message has been constant, the bees need our help.

The only problem is sometimes we can do more harm than good when we act without the right information.

A lot of new beekeepers are doing exactly that. So how can aspiring beekeepers make sure that they are helping their bees? Arriving at is a great first step.


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Natural Beekeeping

Beekeeping makes the tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and accessible backyard pastime that will appeal to urban and rural beekeepers of all skill levels. We offer expert advice on:

  • Setting up your bee colonies
  • Selecting the best location
  • Providing practical and nontoxic care
  • Swarm control
  • Using (top bar) hives
  • Harvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honey
  • Bee problems and treatments