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“Sugar, oh, honey, honey. You are my candy girl. And you got me wanting you.” Doesn’t this song make you want to drizzle that glorious honey all over your food, beverage, or even on your treatment regimen? Ah! What a nice way to jump-start your day.

We all know that honey is such a valued commodity because of its numerous benefits. But most often than not, it can also be difficult to manage due to its inherent characteristics.

Finding the right honey dispenser to store your honey to be readily used as needed can be quite an arduous task. That’s why we have reviewed the best honey dispensers to make things easier for you!

What is a Honey Dispenser?

Because honey is sweet, and viscous, and tends to crystallize and drip unnecessarily, people usually have difficulty dealing with it. So, how do you pour honey without making a mess? One beneficial solution to this honey-related problem is the honey dispenser.

A honey dispenser is a useful kitchen and dining tool which efficiently stores and conveniently dispenses your honey or any other syrup while avoiding all the sticky mess. It also aids you in getting the exact serving size of honey that you want in your dishes or drinks.

Review of the Best Honey Dispensers

With all these aspects in mind, we reviewed many products out in the market today, so you don’t have to dwell on such a burdensome task.

Here is our verified recommendation list of the five best honey dispensers to assist you in your quest in finding the answer to your question, “What is the best honey dispenser?”

Best Overall

Our absolute favorite is this STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Jar which can hold up to 14 ounces of honey, measures 5.25 inches high, with a diameter of 4.5 inches, and has a wooden dipper six inches long. Crafted out of quality unleaded crystal, this honey holder jar is impressively thick, clog-free, and dishwasher safe.

Studio Silversmiths Crystal Honey Jar, Beehive Honey Dish with Dipper

The top of this dispenser fits securely onto the base, and the side opening sits the dipper just right. This design prevents your honey from spoilage or crystallizing. It is easy to turn the good-sized dipper to keep the honey from falling. Controlling the amount dispensed is, thus, made easy.

Your honey will have the warmest amber glow through the crystal when you fill it in. This is probably the most adorable-looking honey dispenser among everything we have seen so far. With its fashionable ribbed beehive shape adorned with honey bees, this definitely is an eye-catcher. Any honey lover will really appreciate how beautiful and surprisingly functional this is.


Not far behind is our second choice, which is this Hunnibi Honey Dispenser that can hold up to one cup or eight ounces of honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or any other syrup. Made from a sturdy glass material, this syrup dispenser is durable and light, while its bottom-flow system makes dispensing honey quick and easy.

Hunnibi Honey Dispenser No Drip Glass - Maple Syrup Dispenser Glass - Beautiful Honey Comb Shaped Honey Pot - Honey Jar with Stand, Great Bee Decor

The flip-top closure mechanism utilizes a gravity-fed system, so you do not have to wait or shake the container to get your favorite honey flowing. Simply press the release on the handle, and it instantly flows out from the bottom. Let go of the release, and it immediately stops with no drips or messy trails.

This no-drip glass dispenser comes with its very own bottom stopper to make it airtight, thus keeping your honey fresh and not clumpy. Shaped into a fun and attractive honeycomb design, it acts as a beautiful bee decor in the kitchen or is perfect for a lovely present.

Basic, but Good

A basic but good choice is this eHomeA2Z Syrup Dispenser that holds up to 14 ounces of honey or any other syrup. This is easily recognizable as it is often used in most restaurants or diners. It is made of thick commercial-grade tempered glass with a metal alloy top. The well-thought-of design makes it sturdy yet comfortable to handle at the same time.

eHomeA2Z Syrup Dispenser Honey Pot Glass Jar Commercial Quality With Metal Top Update Box Gift For Mom

Using a metal cover with a white gasket that closes over the spout, this best syrup dispenser lets you control the right amount and even the thickest honey you need, where you want it, and then closes fully after dispensing. The top also twists off easily for cleaning and refills. This honey dispenser’s simple yet elegant look clearly shows through the color and quality of your honey inside. The manufacturer recommends to periodically hand wash the whole dispenser under lukewarm water for best results.

Also great

Also, a trusted classic is this Good Cook Glass Syrup Dispenser that can be used for your honey. It can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid and is very handy. Made of a commercial quality glass body and durable plastic cover, this is still an affordable option than the others. Yet, you still get all the benefits of a good honey dispenser.

GoodCook 12 oz. Glass Syrup Dispenser with Lid, Clear/Red

The spring-loaded tab on the lid makes pouring honey easy and clean. The smooth finish on the glass helps keep your honey tasting fresher for longer shelf life. Heating the glass vessel in the microwave is also possible to slightly warm up the honey inside, especially when it has crystallized.

The glass bottom is dishwasher-safe. However, the manufacturer recommends that you hand wash the lid and spring. GoodCook’s 12-ounce syrup pourer has all the fun but with less mess and expense.

Squeezy Alternative

If you are more of a squeeze-style dispenser fan, this OXO Good Grips Chef's Squeeze Bottle is perfect for you. It comes with an attached cap that is easy to open when it’s time to dispense some honey goodness. The cap closes tightly for safe storage.

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle, 12 oz.

Made of BPA-free plastic, this squeeze bottle is one great honey or syrup pourer. It is easy to detach the plastic lid from the bottle for easy cleaning, be it by handwashing or dishwashing.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Good Honey Dispenser?

Honey dispensers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, but they all generally function just the same.

Having a good-quality honey dispenser means that you can easily pour out the honey when needed. Not only that. It prolongs its freshness, prevents spilling and spoilage, and saves you a lot of time cleaning up.

Nowadays, there are a ton of manufacturers out there that produce honey dispensers in different styles. Thus, you must be wise in deciding which one suits your preferences the most.

To help you narrow down your options, the following are the essential characteristics of a good honey dispenser.


While most honey dispensers are made of glass, a few are made of plastic, acrylic, and stainless steel.

Despite the material used, every dispenser lasts a long time with proper use. Each of these types of dispensers has its pros and cons.

For example, a glass honey dispenser does not go brittle over time but is breakable. On the other hand, a plastic dispenser may be unbreakable but goes brittle over a period of time.

Experts have the following recommendations:

  • For best shelf stability, store your honey in glass jars as some plastic containers still allow the honey to lose water content or leak chemicals into it.
  • Use HDPE plastic for the best storage in plastic.
  • For long-term bulk storage, stainless steel containers are also approved.


Functionality is, without a doubt, the most important factor you have to consider. A reliable honey dispenser should serve its purpose of properly dispensing honey and maybe do more for you.

Aside from being secure enough to seal the freshness of your honey and keep the ants or pests away from it, equally vital is for its contents to be easily filled in and poured out every time. Your chosen honey dispenser should be able to guarantee you these functions while effectively avoiding all the unwanted drippings, gooey mess, and hard times.

Others may have an additional handy feature like a measuring guide on the side of the bottle or jar. Others boast of an adequately-sized spout. And some include a dipper to help you dispense just the right amount of honey you want.


A high-quality product should last you for several months and years, even with continuous usage. That is why a durable honey dispenser is every honey lover’s best friend. 

It could be made of glass, plastic, or any other material. The point is, your honey dispenser should be able to withstand regular use.

Having a thick lining may prove to be more resistant to breakage. A stable structure may prevent accidental tipping over. And, well-fitting parts help ensure being leak-proof and airtight.


When it comes to any home organization or gift-giving discussion, aesthetics is another key factor.

Having a pretty-looking honey dispenser displayed on your kitchen countertop or even given as a housewarming gift to your friends makes the experience even more pleasant.

These products vary in their designs, depending on their functionality and general appeal. Ranging from a sophisticated transparent glass jar to show off the amber color of your honey or a rustic farmhouse look that goes well with the bee farm ambiance to a cute bee-inspired theme or shape, there are a lot of available options.

For sure, there is always something for you that suits your personality best or blends well with your home’s overall interior design.

Easy to Clean

Because honey is mainly mixed with meals, snacks, and other foods, and it is a perishable product, we must keep it safe for human consumption. This goes without saying that its container must always be sanitary – before, during, and after use to prevent spoilage.

As honey is inherently sweet and sticky, it can attract insects and microbes. Your honey dispenser should have parts that are fairly easy to clean all-throughout to avoid contamination. This means that it should either be covered in a food-safe glaze, made of intact and harmless materials and/or conveniently dishwasher-safe so that dirt can be removed properly.

The Honey Dispenser Is A Great Tool for You

Serving its purpose of efficiently storing and dispensing your honey, the honey dispenser is definitely a kitchen and dining tool must-have.

All those times spent changing containers, effort in cleaning your sticky mess, and wasted honey in the past will not be repeated anymore. The honey dispenser is here to save the day! Hooray!

With a honey dispenser, you are sure to have stress-free moments enjoying the benefits of honey. Isn’t that sweet?

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