What Is Orange Blossom Honey?

Orange Blossom Honey is highly distinct compared to other honey varieties based on flavors. You may ask, why, what does orange blossom honey taste like?

First, it is pleasantly aromatic. It is sweet and fruity with a slightly citrus orange tinge, as its name suggests. A spoonful of this liquid gold will take your imagination to the orange groves in Central Florida, the citrus field in Southern California, and the orchard in some parts of Texas, where these plants thrive.

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What is Orange Blossom Honey?

During the months of March and April, many beekeepers move their hives‘ location to the grove in California or Florida as the first blossoms of citrus trees are coming out.

The bees help pollinate the flowers to produce oranges these states are popular for. Hence, this type of honey is mostly recognized to be a product of Florida beekeepers.

In the process of pollination, our industrious and helpful friends also gather nectars and turn them into raw honey. The golden syrup produced from these nectars becomes Orange Blossom Honey.

Orange tree

Orange Blossom Honey vs Clover Honey

As to their differences, the first one would be on the nectar source. Clover honey comes from the clover plant, which is found all over the US, while the orange blossom variety is from the bloom of orange trees, prominently thriving only in some states.

The former’s color may vary from watery white to light amber, while the latter is generally light in color. Flavorwise, both have mild flavors, with the only difference of citrus notes on Orange Blossom Honey.

Though the two have many differences, they have common characteristics. They are two of the most common honey available in the market. They are both considered table condiments and useful in cooking and baking, as well as in sweetening tea, juices, cereals, toasts, and other foods.

What is Orange Blossom Honey Good For?

Orange Blossom Honey is one gourmet honey you can perfectly spread on your toasts, biscuits, and baked goods. With an undertone of orange flavor, it’s a perfect drizzle on breakfast goods like granola, oats, yogurt, and pancakes. Add this to your tea, juice, or smoothie as a sweetener or sugar substitute.

Among other honey varieties, this honey has been widely used in marinades, sauces, and as a sugar substitute for any menu. Incorporate it as one of the ingredients in your cooking recipes or in any other menu.

When it is raw and organic, it crystallizes more easily but de-crystallizes in a water bath. Never put the whole jar in boiling water, though, as the extreme heat may remove some, if not all, of its health benefits.

Orange Blossom Honey Benefits

Orange Blossom Honey

The use of honey for its medicinal benefits has long been acknowledged in history, hence, the development of Apitherapy. People in this alternative medicine use this golden syrup and its related products to cure common health issues.

Raw orange blossom honey benefits people with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, the same way other honey does.

This honey’s anti-bacterial power has been acknowledged in fighting off the most serious bacterial pathogens.

The antioxidant properties support the immune system and fight off free radicals that may cause severe damage to the body.

This honey is richer in minerals like zinc, potassium, and magnesium to boost energy and keep us fit.

It is also believed to contain minimal pollen content. Hence, it is one of the best varieties of honey for one who is more sensitive to pollens.

With these benefits you gain from this liquid gold, you surely get every penny’s worth!

The Best Orange Blossom Honey

Reviews online abound of high praises for this honey produced from the nectars of blossoms of oranges in Florida. And more people are raving about the worthiness of this honey as a kitchen staple.

Looking where to buy orange blossom honey?

Most grocery stores have these items in their aisles, ready to be added to your shopping cart. Online stores, like Amazon.com, also have an abundance of this honey, ready for you to “add to cart.”

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick
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Customer reviews highlight this product as a worthy buy. Aficionados rave that this product tastes incredible as it is not too sweet and has the right tinge of citrus flavor. Many are glad that they definitely got their money’s worth with this purchase. Reviews boast that you get value for your money with this item, as a jar would give you the sweetness of that liquid gold you so want.

Runner Up

Runner Up
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05/22/2024 08:15 pm GMT

Reasonably priced, customer reviews raved that this honey retains all the natural goodness of pure and all-natural this honey variety. Besides its many uses in the kitchen as a baking and cooking ingredient, it keeps your kitchen smelling good too.

One review even tells of its efficacy in treating skin rashes and soothing the throat.

Based on the many reviews, it seems like there’s nothing NOT to like about this honey brand.

Also Great

Also Great
Orange Blossom Honey (24oz) Bear
$20.00 ($0.83 / Fl Oz)
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Reviews from honey lovers also rave that a jar of this honey from Heavenly Honey is the real deal. It is sweet and light, which makes it a perfect ingredient for any menu.

You definitely cannot go wrong with a jar or even two.

Also Great

Also Great
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This jar would still give you that high-quality honey with subtle notes of orange blossom flavor and scent.

Definitely, a value for your money!

Nature’s Wonder!

With these products, we cannot help but be in awe of the wonders nature provides us.

Even the picturesque scene of an orange grove full of white-orange blossoms against the dark green leaves brings nothing but awesomeness.

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  1. You do not find the Orange Blossomsh honey in the Supermarkets often!

    I happened to find the Dutch Gold pure honey. It has a beautiful
    Aroma, and it is thicker than the clover Companies’ honey!

    I have tried plenty clover honey and out of necessity I Buy it

    I come from a family that were Bee Keepers!
    The Honey a beautiful caramel color, with an intense herbal aroma and thick smooth texture! Whenever I visit I always bring with me as many jars as I can.,
    The honey comes from beautiful forests and selected thyme and wild flowers! Slightly different than the Orange blossom which i love!


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