How Many Eyes Does A Bee Have?

How many eyes does a bee have? This question may have been included in your list of bee-related questions.

Beekeepers and animal lovers have always been fascinated by bees. They tend to look at every part of the bee’s anatomy to understand the bee’s behavior.

Such curiosity also lends value to the fact that these people are interested even in small things such as a bee’s eyes.

How Many Eyes Does a Bee Have?

A honey bee has five eyes in total.

Honey bees have two large compound eyes and three smaller ocelli, or “simple” eyes, in the center of their head.

Three Simple (Or Occelli) Eyes

These detect light, but not shapes, and therefore help bees to detect whether they are being approached by predators from above. They form a triangle on the head of a bee.

Two Compound Eyes

The large eyes on both sides of a bee’s head are also known as compound eyes. Each of them is made up of a lot of tiny cells (called ommatidia) that piece together an image of what the bee can actually see.

This video does a great job of explaining the remarkable structure of those compound eyes of honeybees:

YouTube video

Did you know that Bees can see the Invisible?

Bees can actually sense an electric field of flowers (which have a slightly negative electric charge). Amazing, right?

Watch the video below to learn more:

YouTube video

So next time you see a bee buzzing around the garden on a warm spring afternoon, imagine how different their world looks through his eyes!

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