Best Beekeeping Veils For Beekeepers

Beekeeping scares many individuals because of the risk of getting stung by bees. It is okay to be scared of bee stings. You are human. Nevertheless, innovation has transformed beekeeping. There is no need to be worried about the sting of bees anymore. With the right beekeeping hat, respectively veil, you can check and harvest your beehive without panicking.

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What is a Beekeeping Veil?

Usually, bees are not harmful. These insects only react to any change in their surroundings. Such changes can be any change of smell or movement, making them respond in a defensive manner. Bees can respond aggressively to these changes and attack anyone close to them. This makes a bee jacket with a veil an important gear for beekeeping.

A bee veil is a piece of protective equipment worn by beekeepers when they are working with the bees. They are usually made with wire mesh or fine fabric. It is an essential part of a beekeeping suit because it stops bees from stinging you. Basically, a bee hat and veil protect your head and neck from bee stings. Veils can be adjusted with strings to make them fit.

Beekeeping veils are not the same in terms of their shapes, forms, models, and designs. Unfortunately, this implies that you have so many types of veils to choose from, and that can be confusing.

Below, I will discuss the best beekeeping veils that can keep you safe from getting stung by your bees. Ensure that you choose the bee hat and veil that will meet your need.

What Makes a Good Beekeeping Veil?

There are three major styles for beekeeping veils. These include the folding veil, round veil, and fencing veil.

The factors you need to consider before buying a bee veil that will suit you include the affordability, durability, screening, visibility, and comfort of the beekeeping veil.

Ideally, a good veil should protect you and suit your needs. It should also last long, have good visibility and screening, and it should be affordable.

Here is a list of the best beekeeping veils on the market.

Our Top Pick

Aero Beekeeping Veil 221 by the Humble Bee Store
Humble Bee 221 Aero Beekeeping Veil with Fencing Hood, Standard, Field Tan

The design of this beekeeping veil is unique. You will easily fall in love with this veil. The design of this veil makes it comfortable for beekeepers. Also, it offers maximum protection against the attack of bees.  The veils are made with top-quality materials that offer maximum safety with the large mesh that covers the user’s neck and shoulder. The veil comes with a feather-light foam insert that prevents the bees from stinging you.

There are an elastic shoulder strap and a collapsible mesh attached to the veil to firmly attach the veil for use. This veil also offers excellent visibility and comfort. Nevertheless, the elastic straps of the veil can be hard to put on the first use. You might need to stretch the straps out wide if you have broad shoulders.

The Humble Bee 211-ST beekeeping veil can be used easily by both male and female beekeepers. With the aerated synthetic fabric, you will be comfortable even when the environment is getting hotter.

Another unique feature of this beekeeping veil is the reinforced triple arches on the veil. These arches stop bees from making contact with your face. This beekeeping veil is the favorite of many beekeepers because of its outstanding quality at an affordable price.


Professional Beekeepers Hat Veil by Goodland Bee Supply
Natural Cotton Medium / Large Professional Beekeeping Beekeepers Hat Veil for Bee Protection During Beehive Maintenance by Goodland Bee Supply

This is our second choice for the best beekeeping veil because of its affordability and quality. This Professional Beekeepers Hat Veil is surely one of the beekeeping veils that is loved by beekeepers of all levels. Made of cotton and hemp with nylon mesh, it speaks of comfort and simplicity. The visibility of the veil is great and it also offers good ventilation.

This veil has a nylon mesh which makes it durable. The mesh is designed in a way that provides maximum visibility while using it. You can also breathe without stress, and you will feel comfortable. One thing I love most about this product is that it is lightweight. This makes it easy to move freely during beehive inspection or harvest. In addition, it is easy to hand wash.

This beekeeping veil is highly recommended for beekeepers of all levels — beginners to the most experienced — because it is easy to use. Overall, if you want a reasonably priced beekeeping veil of good quality, then you should consider this Professional Beekeepers Hat Veil by Goodland Bee Supply.   

Also Great

Aero Beekeeping Veil 220 by the Humble Bee Store
Humble Bee 220 Aero Beekeeping Veil with Round Hat, Standard, Field Tan

If you have a beekeeping suit already and you need a suitable beekeeping veil, this is the product you need. Humble Bee is a popular brand that sells quality products at reasonable prices, and this product is not an exception to the reputation of the brand. This veil is comfortable and durable. It fits both male and female beekeepers of all sizes. You don’t have to worry about its size. It is also resistant to all climate conditions.

The Aero Beekeeping Veil is made of synthetic material and cotton. The mixture of both materials makes breathing through the veil easy, and it feels comfortable on the skin. In addition, the veil provides maximum protection with the oversized mesh that covers the neck and shoulder areas. It fits perfectly with the elastic straps attached to the veil.

Also Great

Mann Lake Stingless Binding Round Veil
Mann Lake CL121 Stingless Binding Round Veil with Elastic

This beekeeping veil is another piece of equipment that can protect you while you are working on the beehive. This Mann Lake veil offers most of the good features you need in a beekeeping veil. It is designed in different forms like the zipper, elastic, and string form to ensure that it fits properly. It doesn’t matter if you are a beekeeping beginner, expert, or hobbyist. This veil can meet your needs.

However, you will need a beekeeper hat when you buy this veil since it doesn’t come with one. If you have a beekeeper hat already, use it, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. You can even use a baseball hat for the veil.

Overall, this beekeeping veil is a good quality product and a comfortable beekeeping veil that can be used by all beekeepers.

How to Put on a Bee Veil

Putting on a beekeeping bee hat and veil might seem difficult, especially for beginners, but I will make it easy for you.

You just have to follow the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Handle the bottom of the beekeeping veil with both hands, then put the hat and the veil on your head.
  2. Ensure that the two strings of the veil are hanging at your back. Grab the strings with each of your hands and pull down the strings to move the veil over the neck to your bee jacket.
  3. After that, pull down the strings below both arms and join the strings together with the plastic loop of the veil. The plastic loop should be in front of your chest.
  4. Make the veil spread on the front of your beekeeping jacket by pulling down the strings.
  5. Draw the strings close to your neck and cross them behind your back.
  6. Lastly, move the strings forward through your arms to the front part of your body and form a bow with the strings. Now, you can say Hi to your lovely bees.

How to Make a Bee Veil Yourself?

The materials you need to make a bee veil include a thin black elastic band, a black tulle with small holes, a pack of half-an-inch bias tape, and four feet of cotton string to tie the veil together on the neck, and a big rim hat.

All these materials should be available at the hardware store near you. To make the beekeeping veil, follow these steps:

  • Measure the perimeter of the hat rim and add a maximum of two inches. This is the width needed for the black tulle, it is normally between the range of 40-45 inches. Ensure that the length of the tulle is twenty-four inches.
  • Fold the length of the tulle into a 12 inches piece. Join the piping to the fold and hold it in place by stitching it.
  • Lose the fold in a different direction and make the bias band turn outside. Use a wide zig-zag stitch to join them together. The outcome should be a tube with the piping ring in the middle.
  • Fold around the top opening a little, put it inside the elastic band, and sew a zig-zag stitch around it leaving sufficient space for pulling the elastic tight open. This will make it fit on the top of the hat without difficulty.
  • Lastly, do the same thing on the bottom but lay the string instead.

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