Do Carpenter Bees Make Honey

Do Carpenter Bees Make Honey?

Carpenter bees more than pay their dues when it comes to ecological balance. But, the question that bothers most is do these carpenter bees make honey?

what do bees eat

What Do Bees Eat?

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Bumble Bee on Flower

Do Bumble Bees Sting?

Bumblebees are amazing creatures. They are the largest and gentlest of bees – and a true pollination champ! As temperatures …

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Queen Bees - A Primer

Queen Bees – A Primer

How does a bee become a queen and why are they important in a colony? Let’s take a look at the role and life of queen bees. Read more now!

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How Many Eyes Does A Bee Have?

Learn more about the eyes of bees, how they see, and how many eyes they actually have. Did you know that bees can see the invisible?