Can Bees Fly At Night

Can Bees Fly At Night?

If you’re curious about the nocturnal habits of bees, this blog post has the answer. Learn whether or not bees can fly at night and how they navigate in the dark.

Bee Anatomy

Exploring The Anatomy Of A Bee

Let’s explore! Learn more about what makes up the bee anatomy and how each part works together for bees to adapt to the environment and survive.

Wasp Nest vs Bee Nest

Wasp Nest vs. Bee Nest? How Can You Tell The Difference?

Many people can’t tell wasps and bees apart, and if you go back a few million years, you’ll find your answer. In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between a wasp nest and a bee nest, covering what you need to know to keep yourself safe in the presence of either.

Why Do Bees Have Sticky Hair

Why Do Bees Have Sticky Hair?

Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs! That may be a classic joke, but the same question has bewildered some people who are just curious about bees.

What Is A Group Of Bees Called

What Is A Group Of Bees Called?

While we commonly refer to our six-legged friend who brings us an abundance of honey as a bee, have you ever wondered what is it called as a group?

Do Bees Have Ears

Do Bees Have Ears?

Do bees have ears? A bee’s anatomy tells a fascinating story. But for this blog post, we turn our focus first on the bee’s head to find the answer to that question.